“My first sexual encounter made me hate Satan and his agents forever” 10 year-old Reverend Githu on the road to salvation


Reverend Victor Githu has urged Christians to expose sexual sin, narrating how Satan sent his agent back in 2018 to lure him with massage after leading a church service.

“The spirit of the Lord gave me the first test in 2018 when I was just a toddler. Behold, an agent of Lucifer knocked on my door and gave me a very lucrative offer which I rejected. She knew that I was in need of massage since I was tired after the service, she even tried to pin me on the coaches but I scampered to the nearby bush for safety. Since then, I developed a negative attitude towards the devil and his agents” Reverend Victor Githu narrated.

According to the young Reverend who has earned himself a huge following in the country, sexual sin will lead many into eternal fire. God’s wrath will befall any person who does not respect the body which is supposed to be the temple of Christ, he says.



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