A Blow To Pastor Ng’ang’a As His Church Is Set To Be Demolished.

  • Pst NG’ANG’A continues to insult his sheep who are foolishly laughing in response
  • However, the outspoken pastor has today woken up to a sad news after he received a notice from the ministry of land demanding his immediate vacation from the land.

In the notice, the government has gone berserk on pastor for illegally accessing the government land.

It is said that pastor Ng’ang’a fraudulently acquired the land from a businessman, Tom Jakaya Maina who wash the real owner of the land.

  1. Pastor Ng’ang’a has been doing rounds on the headlines of the social media for a better time.

    Initially he threatened some unnamed pastors for salivating/sleeping with his wife

    He reminds them how destitute they were before joining his church, in itself a confession that the fortunes the church makes in offerings has really changed the lives of it’s administrators

    This brings us to the question if the existence of the church is about the congregants spirituality or the owners entrepreneurial purposes

    SDA Maxwels in a boxing ring.I hear Kenya’s tae kwondo team to the Olympics will be chosen from the church. The dispute is sadaka

    Prophet Owuor’s church, Repentance and Holiness (hollowness) has been hit by sex scandals

    Last Saturday, dozens women of his church confessed having slept with Owuor’s deputy, a Bishop Joseph Gitonga

    Lest you forget, Owuor is the very prophet who disposed a city woman of her multi millions apartments, after indoctrinating her with religion

    Catholic priests, after voluntarily choosing celibacy, and deciding that they will only use their tools to pass liquid urea and not any other purposes, are raping women defiling children and sodomizing little boys everywhere



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