“I now prefer weed to alcohol since the shooting incident” Babu Owino on the cleansing journey


Embakasi East legislator has now rated weed as the best psychoactive drug. According to the youthful Member of Parliament, weed should be legalized in the country to curb the alcohol problem.

“Both society and pot-users would benefit if marijuana were legal. This thing brings one closer to God, unlike alcohol which only attracts Satan wherever you are. I was spiritually disturbed since the shooting incident and I had to figure out how to cleanse myself.  I sincerely prefer weed to alcohol” Babu Owino stated.

Babu Owino further says weed is better than alcohol since it is less addictive, there have been no reported deaths linked to it, it has been recognized as an anticancer agent and it is considered as a non-violent vice.



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