Political Analyst Benji Ndolo Faces the Wrath of KOT After Posting Nudes Online


Controversial political analyst Benji Ndolo has once again faced the wrath of Kenyans after he accidentally posted nudes online.

Through his twitter account, Ndolo accidentally tweeted screenshots of his phone gallery which contained nudes ( man’s private parts and that of an unidentified woman) but he later deleted.

KOT who saw them condemned him for being so careless.

Could it be he accidentally posted or his Twitter account was hacked?

Benji is not new in sexual scandals, a few months ago, he found himself on the lips of many after a woman he chewed spilled all his dirty laundry and secrets on the internet.

The jury is still out on whether the woman exposed him out of malice and bitterness for being ditched or not.

It was revealed that the lad who is greatly respected for his ‘fake’ lifestyle is broke, still lives with his mother and has sex with households.

Here is the KOT’s reactions.


Character like Benji Ndolo who has been masquerading as public intellectual on EbruTv has a phone gallery full of porn videos and nudes.

Ananyonga monkey they say. He actually needs help from @amerix. @Asamoh_ has been vindicated

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Lfeon Street@LfeonBrian

So Benji Ndolo be watching those porn in he mama’s house…

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Wa Gathirwa@Waghadhirwa

Women are sending @BenjiNdolo nudes? It is official then: Benji Ndolo has made it in life. You don’t get those unless game yako iko 100/100. Many men have camped in ladies’ DMs for ages, wengine hadi wanajifanya wahindi, but they’ve got nothing to show for it.

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Linus Ogechi@OgechiLinus

Benji Ndolo used twitters’ follow for a follow startegy to get nudes.Thats why he had to send his monkey for the coochie.

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Subaru for life@DennisMuvaa

Benji Ndolo, the analyst-cum-blogger, has been chasing relevance by all means. I always thought @Asamoh_ had personal vendatta with this nigga, but it turned out he’s just a pussy.. Trying to climb the ladder won’t and shall never work for a man who sleeps in his mother’s house

Subaru for life@DennisMuvaa

One @DavidNdii said Benji Ndolo would do anything to remain relevant, even if it’s pooping in public, and i have never doubted him.. A man of 45 yrs sending this intentionally is not only a disgrace but also a curse

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I can’t believe someone just called Benji ndolo’s dick “Omuzigidi”🚫

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Shiro Maggi@shiromaggi

The only reason a man can have a dick pic on his phone that he now alleges is not his can only be explained by him having affinity for fellow men or if he is straight then its his dick but he is now embarrased by its size. Which is which loser benji ndolo? Jibu swali @BenjiNdolo

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Salma Boru@SalmaBoru

A grown ass man like Benji ndolo still keeps ugly nudes in his gallery! Disgusting!

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Sasa mmesema Benji Ndolo hapati ticket ya mens conference 🤔

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So benji ndolo is pornographer after all



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