Former School Principal in trouble for eulogizing Moi’s ‘kigongi’


Priscillah Nthambi may find herself in the wrong arm of the law for praising Moi’s bedroom prowess publicly. The former principal of Moi Girls High School, Nairobi has been accused of disrespecting the dead in an utterance she has already described as a non-issue to defend herself.

“Moi will be remembered for sharing milk with pupils all over the country. His preference of kienyeji foods to KFC jokes is why he managed to please and satisfy many women even at old age, a thing that our mlambez generation cannot do.” Priscillah quipped. She added “Ukipata shimo,panda mti was one of Moi’s favorite slogans that many of you cannot understand what it meant. This was a strong African man whom any woman could be proud of”

Daniel Arap Moi, the autocratic president of Kenya from 1978 to 2002, who ruled his East African nation in a postcolonial era of political repression, economic stagnation and notorious corruption, but in the end gave up power peacefully, died on Tuesday at Nairobi Hospital in the capital. He was 95.



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