Prophet Owuor gives Government conditions to resurrect Daniel Moi


Thousands of followers of the Ministry of Repentance and Holiness, which is led by David Owuor, might travel from all corners of the country to witness the resurrection of Kenya’s retired President if the Government meets certain conditions ordained by the most High God.

“Kenya is likely to face the wrath of God if authorities do not curb the corruption monster. I have received a message from the most High that the President should declare 40 days of national prayer and fasting. The corrupt should be sent behind bars. The Lord will restore the breath of the former President with a touch if all this is done” a statement from Dr. Owuor read.

In 2017, hundreds of people trooped to a sleepy village in West Pokot County following claims that a woman resurrected after being prayed for by controversial Prophet David Owuor.

Residents of Cheparten Village in Pokot South Sub County were on Friday joined by hundreds of people who travelled to the home of the woman, only identified as Mama Rosa, to witness the alleged ‘miracle’.


Mama Rosa who was said to have died is claimed that she came back to life after two hours following the intervention of Prophet Owuor of the Repentance and Holiness Church.

Kenya Today did not witness the alleged ‘miracle’ and could not independently verify its authenticity.



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