Pastor Ng’ang’a faces arrest for saying Moi and Raila are hell materials


Detectives are hunting down Neno Evangelism Centre televangelist James Ng’ang’a allegedly for telling his followers that Daniel Moi and Raila Odinga are hell materials.

His sentiments have drawn widespread condemnation from the public, with a majority of Moi and Odinga supporters calling for his arrest.

It has not been established the account which the evangelist will be charged with even as detectives accuse him of issuing threats of unknown consequences against the deceased and the living.

The self-proclaim ‘miracle worker’ repeatedly criticized Kenyans for forgetting too fast and warned his followers never to mourn leaders who have committed atrocities against humanity when the Lord ends their breath.

“Wengine wanalia ati mzee mwingine anaitwa Moi amekufa. Mtawafuata kwa Ibilisi mkiwa na Raila ndio mlie vizuri” Ng’ang’a said,loosely translated to “Others are weeping over the death of Moi. You will follow him to hell with Raila so that you can weep properly”

Ng’ang’a was recently accused of threatening a journalist over unfavourable coverage. Several years ago he was allegedly involved in a fatal accident. He was acquitted along with police for lack of evidence.



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