“I have two kids with Moi and my kids must be included in His will ,”-Karen woman begs Kenyan to intervene


Mary Nangina, a resident of Karen now wants Kenyans on social media to help her demand justice from the Moi family.

The 33 old woman says that she has two sons of the late Daniel Arap Moi and therefore she wants his sons to be included in His will before their dad is buried.

“I have been denied access to his Kabarak home before his death and this shows that my kids may not be included in his Will, I met Mzee 4 years back when I was working as their house help, I willingly became one of his mistresses and in 2018 I gave birth to twins boys,” Marry told reporters.

“Kenyans are now my only hope as I want my kids to get part of what others are getting from their father. every time I tried  to reach Mzee my calls were blocked by his favorite son and threatens to deal with me ruthlessly,” she added.



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