Holding a fart during pregnancy can affect your unborn child’s brain- Dr Ignatius Kibe


Leading Kenyan gynaecologist and women health expert, Dr Ignatius Kibe, has advised pregnant women not to endanger the brains of their unborn kids.

According to doctor Kibe, the brain of the unborn child requires a very conducive internal environment to develop fully.

Holding a fart, causes undue contraction to the womb compressing the organs of the foetus.

The brain is very sensitive and any pressure to the skull, before it is fully developed, however mild the pressure may be, interferes with the brain development.

A fart, according to the doctor, is the natural way of releasing excretory gases. It should therefore be allowed to happen in it natural way, undisturbed.

Pregnant women due to their increased metabolic activities, fart approximately seven times in a day. The frequency, according to Kibe, increases more at night when most of the foods are being assimilated into the body system.

“Struggling not to fart uses alot of energy and contracting of the muscles. This is very dangerous for the development of the unborn child brains”, Said Kibe.

Kibe has been a frequent panelist on different TV shows due to his unmatched knowledge of women health.



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