Millie Odhiambo And John Mbadi Spotted In A Comfortable Brothel Sweating On Each Other


Just like everyone else, leaders are also entitled to horizontal engineering and it is their right to engage in such activities.

However, going by the dignity of a public office and the colossal of reputation of their position, they ought to perform the world cup match in a secure place, out of reach for other people except the two parties engaging in the game.

At room temperature, the man’s hormones responsible for sex are stimulated and converts him into a fragile being that for acquits himself with the idea of firing live ammunition only.

It is reported that the minority leader in the national assembly, John Mbadi and has fired a missile by a joint force to Millie Odhiambo.

On Millie Odhiambo, this is the same MP who removed and donated the catapult called a G string, she was wearing for an underwear, to Moses Kuria, during a stormy session in parliament, over some unconstitutional security laws, Again if it was possible for someone to remove his under wear in public and throw it to a man, who possibly was salivating for it, then it must also be possible to remove the same underwear for men in a secret corner.

This might also explain why the sewage pipes around the parliament have clogged and blocked by the used condoms

John Mbadi on his end has strived to colourfully maintain his reputation to be amusing until today.The two have been spotted in a comfortable brothel in club 207, located in upper hill chewing each other.



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