Sudi in trouble for comparing Raila Junior’s mouth to coronavirus


Oscar Sudi may find it rough in a court of law after he allegedly blamed Raila Odinga Junior for transmitting the deadly coronavirus through his mouth.Sudi who is notoriously known for body shaming politicians in the country has received criticisms from Kenyans.

The MP’s unwarranted utterances come a few hours after Raila Odinga Junior urged Rift Valley politicians to stop politicking at a time when the whole country is mourning the demise of former President Daniel Arap Moi.

Sudi stated “Mimi nataka niambie huyo mtoto wa mganga apeleke huko hio mdomo inakaa coronavirus na aache kuingilia siasa za Rift Valley” loosely translated to ” I want to tell the magician’s son to take his mouth that looks like coronavirus away and stop meddling in Rift Valley politics “



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