“Why it’s unbiblical to accept tithes from single mothers” Rev Victor Githu


Kenya’s youngest Reverend Victor Githu has faced the wrath of Kenyan women for delivering a sermon on why it is unbiblical for modern-day churches to accept tithes from single mothers.

The 10-year-old messenger of God now says God never blesses a church that thrives with tithes from single mothers because they are like a sheep with blemish. “It is the will of the creator for children to get the love of their earthy God who is a father figure, but when Satan engulfs a generation, they are deprived of this love. God is love. God is forgiveness. Minus this, any tithe from such souls is like shit in the eyes of the Almighty” Rev Githu quipped.

Quoting  Leviticus 22:20, Rev Githu goes on to say Do not bring anything with a defect, because it will not be accepted on your behalf to describe single mothers as people with blemish.

Victor has this wired behaviour that he has been portraying in public that has annoyed a number of the female population in the country, earning himself a huge following from men.

Here is Victor’s latest video while in Juja.


Here is the video that first brought him to the limelight.



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