“My Son is dying,”-Evolve’s dad want Kenyans to help him raise surgery fee to India.


Dj Evolve who was shot with Embakasi East M.P Babu Owino surgery critical condition and his dad is pleading for well-wishers to help him raise surgery fee which is supposed to be done in India on 15th this month.

The father to Evolve says that his Son was attacked with stroke which has affected his left side which has damaged some nerves making his body not to function since he can’t even speak or eat.
“My son is dying and the suspect who shot him is free and performing his duty as normal , please help me save my sons life he need to go for surgery in India on 15th.
“He is still in a critical condition and he has never spoken for the last four days but we hope for the best,” he said, adding that the bullet went through the DJ spinal cord.

According to Mr Orinda, doctors at the hospital told him that his son is expected to be taken for surgery by Tuesday next week.

He said that the move by Mr Owino to take his son to the hospital is what saved his life.



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