Why Freemason wants Moi be burried naked


It is now emerging that freemasonry is blocking the state’s plans to burry Daniel Arap Moi with the emblems of royalty as a way of paying the last respect to the longest-serving President of the Republic of Kenya.

“The brotherhood” of the boys’ club that is full of elites in the society does not allow one of their own to be buried with clothes on, according to a publication from a UK website.

“The brotherhood” whose membership has fallen by 150,000 in the last 20 years is reported to be at loggerheads over tough rules.

Moi’s family has not addressed the public on the issue even as sources indicate that on February 9 , they received threats of Moi’s body disappearing mysteriously from the grave never to be seen again if the burial plans are not changed.

Freemasonry is widely believed to be an organization that uses the principles of stonemasonry as a guiding metaphor in order to secretly assist its members in areas of business, politics, and power in society.

Video:Initiation of Daniel Moi into freemasonry. The authenticity of the claims has however been contested by some scholars.


Moi is expected to be buried at his Kabarak home in Nakuru on February 12, 2019. He will be accorded a State funeral with full military honors.



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