“Moi deleted my balls” Koigi Wamwere


Koigi Wa Wamwere, one of those unlawfully detained during the Nyayo regime has not joined Kenyans in celebrating the life of the late President Daniel Moi.

“I don’t want us to meet in the same place in heaven ….” said Mr. Wamwere on Tuesday in Nakuru town.

In a further interview, the politician narrates how the former President ordered his mafia to squeeze the twin brothers between his legs, something that rendered him a joker in bedroom matters.

“I have nothing left. Moi deleted my balls and it is my wish he goes straight to the hottest part of hell” Koigi narrated.

Comparing the Moi era and Mzee Jomo Kenyatta’s, Mr. Wamwere said Moi did worse than Mzee Kenyatta.

 “He detained me for nine years and it is very difficult [for me] to give him high marks,” he said.

He said he first met Mzee Moi in Nyeri while his last encounter with him was during the campaign to change the Constitution.

According to Mr. Wamwere, Mzee Moi had offered him a Cabinet position but he declined since he had been elected Nakuru North MP and he had an obligation to represent his people.

Mr. Wamwere said the attempt to offer him a Cabinet position was a bait to silence him.  “After the attempted coup in 1982, I was detained after I declined his offer,” he said.



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