Rev Victor Githu in a sex scandal with Mwende Mutuku


Drama ensued in Juja after Kenyas’ youngest Reverend Victor Githu was frogmarched in the company of a 21-year-old lady who is believed to be leading the 10-year-old astray.

Residents who spoke to the press alleged that Mwende Mutuku is notorious for wrecking people’s marriages and luring minors with the forbidden fruit.

Rev Githu had retreated to a church in Juja to deliver Mwende into the hands of Christ before being interrupted by an irate mob that was baying for the blood of the two.

The incident has caused an uproar among social media users who have blamed residents of Juja for physically assaulting a minor.

”It is absurd. Instead of them apprehending the lady and handing her to the police for investigation, they just decided to storm a church and roughed up an innocent evangelist” a statement from Wilber Ambani read.

Victor Githu whose whereabouts remain unclear is yet to commend on the matter.

It remains unclear the wrongs Mwende will be charged with if she is arrested.



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