Groove Awards Founder Spends About 30 Million on British Car (Photos)


While some people are complaining about the exorbitant price of tomatoes, others are dropping millions on cars.

NRG and Groove Awards founder Kevin Mulei just dropped around Shs30 Million shillings on a Bentley Bentayga which motorheads have described as the best SUV ever.

Bentayga (Courtesy)

The handmade car is said to be worth the price of 3 brand new Range Rovers so clearly Mulei has deeper than average pockets.

“Bentayga is everything you would expect from an SUV created by Bentley. The most luxurious, hand-built, all-terrain vehicle ever made, it is a car in which technology, speed, and power have come together to offer an extraordinary driving experience. It is an SUV that can be tailored to your own unique taste, through matchless levels of personalisation and a wide array of options,” reads a description on the website.

Without further ado check out Mulei’s powerful machine:

Kevin Mulei’s ride (Courtesy)


Kevin Mulei’s ride (Courtesy)



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