BBI Will Not Stop Me From Donating to Churches, Ruto Vows


Deputy President William Ruto, on Sunday, directly jibed ODM leader Raila Odinga, over his Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) push, stating that the controversial undertaking would not deter him from his religious duties.

Ruto, speaking during a church service at Dandora, noted that as a leader, he would not allow the BBI process to derail the growth of the church in Kenya, noting that ”the gates of hell shall not overcome.”

The DP reminded the congregation that God handpicked Peter in the Bible as the rock upon which the church would be built, promising him the keys to the Kingdom of heaven.

”Tumesikia juzi wiki hii yule mtu wa kitendawili akisema ati watatumia BBI kuzuia michango kanisani. Mimi nataka niwaamie kama Mkristo na kiongozi Kenya, BBI haiwezi kutumiwa kuhujumu kanisa la Mungu katika Kenya yetu (Recently we heard (Raila) saying that the BBI will be used to bar church donations. Let me tell you as a Christian and as a leader, the BBI will not be used to derail the church),” Ruto asserted.

”Whatever you bind here on earth is bound in heaven and whatever you lose here on earth will be lost in heaven. So we have the power of the keys of the Kingdom of heaven,” the deputy head of state added cryptically.

Ruto further promised that the plans of the enemies of the church and their followers would be thwarted in time.

”I promise you the magicians and all their followers will not succeed against the will, the purpose and the kingdom of God in Kenya.

Raila has time and again expressed his doubts on the legitimacy of Ruto’s hefty donations to churches, calling for an audit on the DP’s source of wealth.

During the Sunday service, the DP is said to have made a donation in excess of Ksh1 million.



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