Breaking News – Patrick Ayoyi attempts suicide


Patrick Ayoyi who is being held at a Kericho Police Station was found unconscious in his cell on Sunday in what is described as a suicide attempt, according to police records.

Life-saving measures were initiated immediately, emergency medical services and life-saving efforts continued before rushing Patrick to hospital for treatment of life-threatening injuries.

“It has not been established why he wants to end his life as he has not drafted any suicide note to reveal what is troubling him” a police officer spoke to a journalist.

Patrick Ayoyi Ajunga is the man whose video has been going around on social media has been arrested.  Ayoyi on camera is seen defiling a minor and recording.

Kericho DCI had earlier confirmed that Patrick will be availed in court tomorrow.

we could avail the video here but google restricts sharing pornography.

He is recognized on Facebook with the below account.

Patrick Ayoyi Ajunga,  recorded himself defiling an alleged niece has deleted his Facebook account and gone under, even as sleuths from the Child Protection Unit launch hunt.

It is not yet clear whether the girl in question was underage or not, but incest charges could be preferred against the man.

The Sexual Offenses Act in Kenya defines incest as sexual relations between a man and a female relative whom he knows to be his daughter, granddaughter, sister, mother, niece, aunt or grandmother, and sexual relations between a woman and the corresponding male relatives.

The girl in question is said to have visited the family of the man to stay with them, and that she belongs to the perpetrator’s sister.






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