MCA Tricky attempts suicide after Rue baby denied him Raw sex.


Famous Kenyan comedian MCA Tricky who has been all over media for dating actress Rue Baby a daughter to Akothee has been rescued by his friends trying to attempt suicide at his home.

John Gidhu reported that the main reason why MCA Tricky wanted to kill himself is that he was denied the right raw sex by his loyal girlfriend Rue Baby.

He has been rushed to Nairobi hospital after he was removed from a rope where he was struggling almost to death.

Comedian MCA Tricky and model Rue Baby could be the newest celeb couple in town if Akothee’s claims are anything to go by.

On Wednesday, the Award-winning singer left her Instagram fans in stitches as she cornered Rue Baby over her supposed relationship with MCA Tricky.

How is your boyfriend MCA tricky? Why are you catching feelings or are you shocked that I know?” Akothee asks Rue Baby in a video.

The president of single mothers goes on to warn the comedian that she will shave his hair if he is going to date her daughter. In the clip, Akothee’s other daughter, Vesha Shaillan, also snitches on Rue saying she has been going out with the funnyman.



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