Ruto wants me dead, Rashid Echesa tells court


Rashid Echesa blames the deputy president for dragging him into a messy scandal and abandoning him to suffer alone. They should arrest Ruto not me I was just a vessel to be us.

Ruto and his goons are hunting me in my cells to kill me since I have to disclose how He has been using us for his personal benefits.

Despite being at the center of the guns scandal, Rashid Echesa says he has nothing to fear because he was only following orders from his boss. The embattled former sports CS says Ruto is the main man behind the deal and he should take responsibility.

Rashid says Ruto should come out clear and respond to the scandal and stop hiding his head in the sand. This comes after speculation that Ruto could be the main man behind the deal continued to gain momentum over the last weekend with Ruto’s name being attached to the discussion about the fake guns deal.

Sources intimate to Echesa say that Echesa has been openly mentioning Ruto’s name in this saga and he says he will continue mentioning Ruto because he sees no reason as to why he should die alone because he is not the big fish. Rashid says Ruto is the main player and whatever he did was in Ruto’s best interest.

It remains to be seen what happens today as Rashid is set to be arraigned in court to answer the charges leveled against him by the state.



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