Beatrice Elachi escapes with butt injuries after assasination attempt


A few hours after Nairobi County Speaker Assembly announced that her life was in danger, unknown gangsters attacked her along Ngong road and ordered her on the ground. Elachi says the hitmen tried to kill her after she refused to handover register of the County Assembly of Nairobi.

“They pinned me on the ground after struggling for 10 seconds and then started caning me. I told them I was not in a position to give them what they wanted at the time and they decided to go leaving me with injuries on the behinds” Elachi explained amid tears.

Earlier on, Beatrice Elachi said she was going to seek refuge at Central Police Station after she noticed a car trolling her movements.

It has not been established why the speaker of the Nairobi County Assembly is being targeted as EACC war on graft kicks off.



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