Breaking News:Angry mob lynch Police officer who shot dead boda boda rider at Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital


An angry mob lynched a police officer on Tuesday evening during a scuffle between members of the public and Kenya police officers over the death of a bodaboda rider who was shot by a police officer.

Police have confirmed the incident saying the officer was lynched by an angry mob who were protesting over the killing of a bodaboda rider after a scuffle over Sh50 at the Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital in Kayole, Nairobi.

“The officer was running away towards Komarok area when members of the public arrested him and lynched him,” Seth Njogu told journalists.

The rank of the officer has not been revealed.

Reports indicate that the rider identified as Daniel Mburu had brought a patient to the hospital when a scuffle ensued leading to the shooting incident.

The officer is said to have shot Mburu for allegedly defying orders after he was denied entry into the facility.

According to an eye witness account, the rider had brought a child to the facility when he met his death.

The child had been rescued from drowning in a pool of water in Korogocho slums.

Mburu reportedly rode past the security at the hospital and parked his motorbike at the facility before rushing the child into the hospital for medical attention.

It was after handing over the patient to medics that the police confronted him, asking why he had defied security orders.

Mburu told the officer that the gets were open and that was an emergency case.

That is when a scuffle ensued and the rider shot. He succumbed to his injuries.

Following the incident, irate boda boda riders stormed the premises demanding action to be taken against the officer.

The boda boda operators engaged police in running battle. The officers were forced to lob tear gas to disperse the mob.



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