Patrick Ayoyi begs Kenyans to help him raise bail


Patrick Ayoyi Ajunga,  recorded himself defiling an alleged niece and family have urged members of the public to help them raise bail fee which they say it’s so high. In their statement, the family clarifies that the lady in question was not a minor hence no crime since they are all adults.

Patrick Ayoyi was availed in court yesterday morning.

It is said that the lady is aged 20 years. Earlier, It was not yet clear whether the girl in question was underage or not, but incest charges was the preferred charges against the man.

The Sexual Offenses Act in Kenya defines incest as sexual relations between a man and a female relative whom he knows to be his daughter, granddaughter, sister, mother, niece, aunt or grandmother, and sexual relations between a woman and the corresponding male relatives.

The girl in question is said to have visited the family of the man to stay with them, and that she belongs to the perpetrator’s sister.

we could avail the video here but google restricts sharing pornography.

He is recognized on Facebook with the below account.




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