Popular vocal Rev Lucy Natasha, overseer of miracle Monday ministries has bowled over her followers with another great inspiration message


The content was shared through her official YouTube Channel on Monday.

The message dubbed the power of confession circled around the individuals who demean themselves due to different reasons under several conditions.

Rev Lucy emphasized on the power of the tongue proofing beyond no reasonable doubt and quoting from the Bible. Apparently she added that what you confess with your tongue you posses.

As reported earlier by one Hon Bruce Newton Mungai Beautifulsha is of the opinion that when you have not to disclose when broke but rather say you’re temporarily inconvenient.

Additionally, it should be a routine when you wake in the morning and prophesy positivity to your life. It does not matter the tribulations in your life but rather the words you speak out are the creators of your destiny.

Yes, when you wake up to say I am highly favored and blessed, blessed going in and out. I truly am blessed in the city am blessed in the country. Speak of positive things, am above and not beneath. I am the head and not the tail. Even when you’re literally broke, say I am temporarily inconvenient.

It’s inevitable that you’ll encounter people with whom you disagree. There are some people you instantly click with and others you can take or leave. And then, there are the select few you just can’t stand!

How can you get along with someone you find difficult, distasteful or downright obnoxious. Well, Rev Lucy Natasha concludes by urging her followers to begin saying what God says about them



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