A Police Officer who shot a Bodaboda rider says he thought it was a locust


An administration police officer shot dead a boda boda rider on Tuesday, February 18, at Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital sparking protests from his colleagues now says he thought it was a stray locust passing by.

The operator, 24-year-old Daniel Mburu, had reportedly defied the facility’s rules by riding his motorcycle into the hospital when the untimely twist of events happened.

Boda boda operators camped outside Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital after one of their own was shot dead by a police officer who is believed to have been high on drugs.

“Kenyan law is against the poor” According to a report by The Standard, witnesses said the deceased had brought a patient from Korogocho slums who had been rescued from drowning.

Mburu allegedly rode past the security ignoring orders to stop and parked his motorbike outside before rushing the victim inside the hospital.

Trouble ensued when he came back and was asked to explain why did not stop as ordered.

The rider said it was am emergency case and with the gates open he had no option but to quickly attend to him before the situation worsened. It was at this juncture when he was shot as he argued with the officers.

He unfortunately succumbed to his injuries. Nairobi police boss Philip Ndolo said the matter is under investigation.

In a related case, a Kenya Navy soldier shot dead a boda boda rider for allegedly trespassing a restricted area at Mtongwe in Likoni, Mombasa county in November 2019.

The rider was identified as 19-year-old Leonard Komora who had gone to pick a client when he was shot by the soldier for encroaching on the Kenya Navy Barracks.



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