Man fakes death to avoid paying school fees in Meru


A 57 years old man from Ntoire village in Meru has surprised many by faking his own death to avoid paying school fees for his daughter.

Mr Michael Koome had instructed his daughter who was supposed to join form one in a nearby boarding school to tell the headmaster the he had passed on and family was preparing for his burial.

Dooren Nkirote told the principal that she reported to school without school fees and with company of parents since they were all engaged in burial preparations of her father.

It is after the principal dispatched a group of board members to go and access the family situation to allow special arrangements for her admission that the lie was detected.

At Mr Koome’s compound, there were no signs of mourning. In fact he was trimming his Miraa bushes.

“What kind of example are we giving our children. That it is right to lie so that you can have your way. It is very wrong.”Said the furious principal.

The principal insisted that there was need for parents to take their responsibilities seriously.



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