Honesty is not Personalising problems ;High court advocate Karen Nyamu reacts to the Narok BBI rally.


The fifth Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) rally was held today at Ole Ntimama Stadium in Narok. Opposition leader Raila Odinga arrived at the stadium in the company of Narok Governor Samuel Tunai, his Kajiado counterpart Joseph ole Lenku and Okoth Obado of Migori at 11am.

However,Kipsigis leaders in Narok county made good of their threats not to attend the Building Bridges Initiative after they failed to show up.

Narok Deputy Governor Evalyn Aruasa and Emurua Dikirr MP Johana Ngeno, who led a march out of the BBI forum alleging tribal isolation at Maasai Mara University on Friday, told the Kipsigis community not to step at the foot of the stadium after what it transpired yesterday.

Ngeno said it was sad that irrespective of President Uhuru Kenyatta and former prime minister Raila Odinga’s assurance of inclusiveness they were treated with no dignity and no option but to leave the meeting for fear of safety.

“I wondered why some speakers allegedly expressed issues in Maasai language which left non-speaking residents out of the whole issue meant to unite the county as some speakers alleged ‘outsiders’ not to be allowed to own more than five acres of land and that local political positions especially in areas where the locals are being led by leaders who are not from Maasai community,” said Ngeno.

He added that as the leaders who call Narok home they will call for a comprehensive meeting to discuss the matter to chart their way forward.

A section of pundits outwardly clear  the air the reality/expectation margin on the  BBI rallies saying that they are only ment to rejuvenate political atmosphere for the 2022 contest.

Cyrus muriuka an economic policy advisor based at Nairobi Webster states that; The BBI rallies are unnecessary and not proportional even to what the government has set aside as utilisation funds.
” The government is simply wasting money on reforms that require basic knowledge in the name of BBI,the system finds it so hard to explain to Kenyans that the expectations of the COK 2010 have not been fully attained and in that circumstance,they have to device a method in form of therapy to social problems.He says.

High court advocate Karen Nyamu States that the BBI process has to be honest and just in order to be considered as a nation debate inclusive of the whole population.
According to her, political bureaucracy has tormented policies management and shrinking the devolution process.

“Matters unity to Kenyans have to inclusive and not seclusive,we all have problems but unless we solve the differences,even what’s  brings  us together will be hard to tell. we must be honest and candid about what brings us together more than what divides us. Here, People tend to go the personal way and it has  already been portrayed through the Narok BBI rally.” She said.

But a cross-section of Maa leaders have assured all other communities within and outside Maa majority counties that the Maa proposals to the BBI will not exclude or discriminate any other community.

Speaking during the BBI meeting yesterday, Narok Governor Samuel ole Tunai, his Kajiado counterpart Joseph Ole Lenku, Narok Senator Ladema Ole Kina and Narok North MP Moitalel Ole Kenta declared that the Maa Community is part and parcel of the Kenya nation and only seeks to ensure the community’s unique problems, such as historical injustice and dispossessed lands are included in the BBI report.The leaders called on other communities to emphasize with the special Maa Community historical and socio-economic circumstances and to support practical measures to guarantee economic, social and political inclusion of all communities of Kenya.



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