Kenyan Pastor who sniffed a coronavirus patient to prove God’s power hospitalized


Despite the government’s warnings against public gatherings, JTM founder Peter Manyuru now has himself to blame after he ordered one of his followers suspected to have the coronavirus on the alter to prove the ‘Lord’s power over earthly diseases.

It is reported that the pastor promised to invoke the spirit of the Lord while trying to show that God would heal the patient in front of fellow church members.

He started speaking in tongues before casting the spell of corona out of the 29-year-old woman who happens to be a strong believer in his teachings.

Peter Manyuru then took the patient to a hospital in Nairobi for a test to confirm if the virus had departed from his body but unfortunately his tests came out positive.

The two have been kept in a separate ward in isolation after the Pastor was also found to have contracted the flu.

Members of his church have been asked by authorities in the country to avail themselves at treatment facilities for testing.


Pastor Peter Manyuru, the church owner, has in the past accused of selling hope, faith, and miracles.



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