” Prophet Owour is a witch not man of God.”-Owour’s driver reveals the dark side of Prophet.


Nathan Omolo who has been Prophets driver for more than six years now reveals the evil things done by Prophet at wee hours for the past six years.

He says that Prophet has been going to the forest at three am yearly once he is in Kenya to interact with a big snake which turns to be a pool of blood when Prophet kneels for it.

“I have tried to reveal this since I was asked to sacrifice my own family in exchange for wealth but rejected the offer but they took my wife and son without my concern.

Owour is working for underground beings to confuse multitudes of people, he once said that he is Jesus and people should praise him.

The so-called prophet David Owour lot of makes big sacrifices twice a year and a lot of blood is being taken as a make sacrifice to make him more powerful.

The 14 students who died in Kakamega was one of the sacrifices made by a prophet of doom Owour. I know I won’t survive this but Kenya a and any other country that strongly believes in Owour stop coz he only takes those who trust him.” Omolo says as tears roll on his face.



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