Reverend Githu directs followers to pay offering via M-pesa,commends government for closing schools and tells single mothers to abstain amid coronavirus fears


Controversial Kenya’s youngest Reverend now says he will only be accepting offering via Mpesa amid coronavirus fears.

The Reverend now says those who want to be included in the prayers against coronavirus should pay a fee of Sh.999. He insists that the money is specifically for him to call for divine protection for those who believe in the word of God.

Another rule is that no special prayers will be conducted to those who will not have paid their tithes.

He has further commended the Kenyan government for suspending institutions of learning after confirming cases of coronavirus in the country.

The young preacher who is interested in one thing and one thing only ever since he discovered his gift and that was to minister the word of God has also directed single mothers all over the country to abstain during this time the world is fighting the contagious flu.

He once confessed to having attempted to take his life at the age of five, when his mother tried to curtail his blossoming career.



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