Marria named the best actress in East and Central Africa


Yasmin Said commonly known as Maria main actress on maria in citizen tv is named as the best actress in East and Central Africa.

In Citizen TV’s drama series Maria, the lead protagonist by the same name Maria, is a tomboy from the ghetto who was taken to live with a posh family.

However, she falls in love with one of the family’s sons, Luwi played by (Brian Ogana), who is married to Sophia, (Bridget Shighadi) in the series. 

Out of his love for her, Luwi, a drunkard, contemplates divorcing Sophia to be with Maria. The drama doesn’t end there as Luwi’s brother, Victor, also expresses his love for Maria – he takes on the laid back approach.

On Wednesday, December 4, the 19-year-old Yasmin Said who plays the role Maria narrated to k24 what it takes portraying the character, relating with other cast members and also spoke on her dating life.

Yasmin is a Muslim girl, outgoing, so humble and girlish. Maria is she who you see on TV, being looked down upon as per the script. I live a normal life despite people viewing me as a celebrity. It’s a good feeling being a celebrity but that life is also scaring as I am new to it and people end up giving me both good and bad pieces of advice. This, however, encourages me to live a principled life.




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