Three people hospitalized in Kakamega after consuming sanitizer discharged



The three people hospitalized other day are now free to go home, hospital confirms.

Moments after the Kakamega County Teaching and Referral Hospital recently noticed that the hand sanitizer keeps mysteriously disappearing from the exam rooms, three people were hospitalized after consuming the gel.

With the COVID-19 coronavirus continuing its spread across the globe, hand sanitizer has suddenly become a hot commodity such that some Kenyans think it is an antidote that needs to be swallowed.

”The three consumed the sanitizers that were in liquid form thinking it was an antidote that will prevent them from contracting the coronavirus” Dr. Kihusa told a journalist.

Elias Onoka, Chris Emonyi and Crisantus Musonye became sick on Wednesday evening hours after gulping the sanitizers, according to the sources.

They complained of stomach pain and severe headache, a condition that led to puking. The three have since confessed to having consumed the sanitizers.

The hospital management vowed to be extremely vigilant to avoid such scenarios in the future.




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