Margaret Kenyatta in trouble after pinching Kanze Dena’s nose


Margaret Kenyatta has denied pinching Kanze Dena’s nose earlier today and expressed willingness to go through a tribunal where she hopes to give her account.

Life has never been smooth for Kanze Dena since the day she got a job as Spokesperson, Executive Office of the President, Republic of Kenya and Head of President’s Strategic Communication Unit (PSCU).

Margaret Kenyatta has outrightly expressed her dislike for the curvaceous beauty pageant. She will always shove her whenever they meet, a clear indication that Kenya’s first lady is insecure with the presence of the charming wizard within the Statehouse premises.

The day the TV personality got a new job at Statehouse, Margaret’s formerly attentive husband started going on more business trips and, when home, was becoming emotionally distant and spending more time texting Kanze Dena instead of her. She suspected he was having an affair and confronted him repeatedly but the President denied. It is not yet established if the allegations against President Kenyatta are true but a source confirms that he will always demand for the presence of Kanze Dena whenever drunk.



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