MP calls for circumcision of coronavirus patients in Kenya


Gatundu South Member of Parliament, Moses Kuria now says circumcision is the best way to end the corona pandemic in Kenya. In a statement, the legislator observes that the virus only attacks the uncircumcised.

“Let’s not pretend by calling a spade a big spoon. The government should introduce mandatory circumcision to save the whole country from this Satanic flu. Nobody wants to tell the world that the uncircumcised are vulnerable to coronavirus” Kuria stated.

The legislator’s sentiments have attracted public criticism,majority of Kenyans are now calling for his arrest.

Defiant Moses Kuria maintains that he will not be withdrawing his remarks anytime soon. “I am not going to apologize. A few people will not finish this country when I am alive simply because we are shying from speaking the truth to remain politically relevant” he added.



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