Atwoli-Lilian Muli dumped me for a community husband,She was just in for sex


COTU boss Francis Atwoli now says he was dumped by Lilian Muli immediately after she met the Shabana FC boss,Jared Ombongi and he had no option but walk away. Atwoli reveals of how he had surrendered his heart to the charming Citizen TV anchor who later disappointed him.

“She was just in for sex. My uncle once told me women can go to any extent of chasing a wealthy individual for ten years just to have sex with you and disappear with part of your fortune and disappear” the COTU boss quipped.

“Women are very weird species.She will lie to you, whisper sweet words in your ears, promise you heaven when you are still dating but wait until she gets your money. She will vanish and go silent only for you to later realize that she is dating another man” Atwoli remarked.

Lilian Muli

“When i heard that the news anchor had bumped into a community husband,i was short of words. I knew immediately that i was not the problem. The young generation must be very careful when choosing spouses or perish as fools” he added.



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