Assassination attempt on Anne Waiguru


Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru has recorded a statement at Central Police Station claiming unknown individuals attempted to assassinate her on Friday afternoon.

Waiguru now says that two motorcycles have been trailing her for the past two days.

“Unknown crooks have been trying to trail my movements every day and night. This is political and it is not going to succeed. They should surrender themselves to any nearest police station before I expose them publicly. I will serve the people of Kirinyaga fearlessly and will continue to do so until they ask me to rest” Governor Waiguru stated.

She recently Kirinyaga took it to social media and said impeachment plans against her by area MCAs won’t succeed.

Speaking at the County Headquarters in Kutus Tuesday, March 31, Waiguru said the MCAs’ priorities currently are misplaced, given the country is undergoing the COVID-19 crisis that requires the ward reps’ input more than where they have placed their energies on –impeachment motion.



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