My lord has forgiven the world after 40 days of fasting- Prophet Owuor


Days after the self-proclaimed prophet of God Dr. Owuor claimed that there will be an earthquake at night of 12th, he now claims that he has saved the world after a 4o day fasting period. Owuor earlier urged people to kneel down and repent their sins.

He further revealed that the lord is angry with increased homosexuality in the world.

He said, and I quote, “Homosexuality is what will cost the world”

Earlier last year, In the radio interview with Jesus is the Lord Radio he is quoted to have stated, ”I see tremendous, unbearable judgement coming to Kenya, I see a lot of locusts, I’ve never seen such. They went up to one kilometre towards the sky, all over the land, I tried to close the door, the Kenyan border but a lot of the locusts managed to enter into Kenya and they crushed the land.”

In the interview, he had warned Kenyans that if they did not repent, God would judge them heavily.

‘Repent and turn away from wickedness, one has to bow down and worship the Lord, and that will be Kenya, the window is still open in this hour, that these things may not happen to you.”

A few netizens have cast a doubting shadow on the prophecy saying that the locust invasions reported to have happened in Kenya were cyclical and seasonal in the country.



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