Kilimani-Breaking News- Driver who killed Ken Walibora Arrested


Moments after police officers launched investigations to find out who killed Ken Walibora, they have finally arrested Emmanuel Mutua, who is being held at Kilimani Police station pending more Investigation. Police say he will be arraigned in court tomorrow.

Renowned linguist, author, and journalist Ken Walibora was realized to have died today.

Prof Walibora, 56, lost his life after being knocked down by a Double M bus on Landhies Road on Friday.

He had been missing since Friday, with his family searching for him for days.

His body was later found at the Kenyatta National Hospital mortuary.

Police said earlier that they are seeking the driver of the matatu that caused the death of the renowned linguist.

Nairobi area police commander Philip Ndolo confirmed to the Habarai sasa that the driver of the said matatu had on has recorded a statement with the police after the accident happened at around 9 am that day



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