Meet Dandora sex worker who is now offering sex with as low as ksh20 due to covid 19


Hard economic times due to the pandemic covid 19 virus has started hitting majority of Kenyans.With many having had lost their jobs and the business industry dwindling on each single day,the profit margins have drastically dropped and this is going to adversely impact most Kenyans.Majority of Nairobians are the worst hit by this pandemic virus and many have resorted to changing various ways in their daily hustle to accommodate their need and survive amid the encroaching virus.

In our usual strolling in Dandora slum,one of our media team met with one kind of a Nairobian sex worker who has resorted to offering her services during the day and offering it at a very substandard  price

Her name is Faith Kananu,a 23 year old single mother and a commercial sex worker who is currently working at home to offer her services to potential clients, whom she meet on the streets or via whats-app groups,She narrates that thing haven’t been easy since the zoonotic virus knocked our door.

She is a commercial sex worker who normally operates in River Road,Nairobi CBD. She says that her financial muscles have been deeply weaken since the curfew was initiated.Her jobs which usually peaks during the night had to be cut since it contradicts with the rules of the curfew.She was left with no hustle but with bills and daily need to cater within the city.

She says that she had to think out of the box and ensure her services will still go on for her to survive within Nairobi.

She resorted to work from home,but due to low clientele during this period,her prices had to be drastically dropped.A normal one round could earn her ksh 300 if she was operating from her normal working zone.Unfortunately,majority of her clients are with their wives during the night and busy during the days.

She then had to go back to the slums and look for clients from within.She narrates that she is now offering services to casual construction site workers and boda boda riders with as low as ksh 20.She says that the current economic situation the country could not spare her other than make her improvise on ways she could make money using her only able tool



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