Ken Walibora was attacked by Chokoraas before being hit by a matatu. Fresh detail on his death emerge.


The late Ken Walibora was being chased by street boys commonly referred to as Chokoraa before he was hit by a matatu at Ladhies street in Nairobi.

According to an eyewitness, Ken was in Muthurwa market when he was confronted by street boys. It is not clear what the confrontation was about but he came out og the market running when he was hit by a matatu.

The eye witness said that Ken actually collided with the matatu as he was running away from the Chokoraas around 10.00 Am.

A st. Johns ambulance which was around that area decline to take him to the hospital until a city county ambulance arrived and took him to Kenyatta national hospital ICU section.

It is reported that Ken was not attended while at the KNH from 10.30 am until late in the evening when he passed on. It is not clear where the St. John ambulance and the KNH medics failed to attend to him despite his critical condition.

On Saturday, Government pathologist disclosed that Ken had a cut in his hand which was not consistent with road accidents injuries. He claimed this could have been from elsewhere but not during the accident.

Police are now working around the clock to crack the case. Some of the issues they are looking to get answers are how Ken’s vehicle endend up in kijabe street and where he could have got the hand cut from.



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