“A borehole cannot settle” Willis Raburu now says Luhya women are the best,gives ex wife middle finger


Citizen TV’s presenter Willis Raburu has now come out to defend himself moments after Kenyans on social media criticized him for divorcing his wife Mary Ngami, alias Marya Prude.

Raburu has rubbished Mary’s claims that he was cheating with a Ugandan woman whom he has defended as his perfect rib. In a statement, the presenter unapologetically says Mary was the problem in their short marriage further accusing her of being so tribal.

“It is Mary who wanted me to keep on seeing her when she knew very well that I had already found love somewhere else. This means she wanted me to cheat on my new wife and I could not because of my principles. The problem with women who fool around with other men is that they think everyone is like them. A borehole cannot settle in marriage. I am talking from real experience. I could not tolerate the nagging from her anymore and that is why I decided to cool my head in Uganda. Luhya women are in fact the best” a dejected Raburu stated.

The presenter got married to Marya in an exclusive wedding two years ago, which only close friends and family members attended.

Efforts to reach Marya were unsuccessful.



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