Esther Passaris Aborted My Baby ~ Kevin Owino, Esther Passaris House Help Urges Kenyans to intervene


Moments of sorrow has succumbed Kevin Owino after his boss, the Nairobi Women Representative Esther Passaris aborted a child he claims to be his.

According to Owino, Esther Passaris showcased her love to him the a few months after she employed him.

“It was on March 2017, my boss asked me for some conjugal rights. She came to my room at around midnight” Mr. Owino stated.

“I hesitated a little because all along I had respected her as my boss and I couldn’t believe that she can ask me for horizontal engineering activity” he added.

If Owino’s allegation is something to go by then it is accurately right for someone to deduce that they have been engaging in horizontal activities for quite long time.

“She got pregnant of my baby, in 2019 October, she informed me that she was pregnant the last night she came to my room” Owino opined.

In the recent couple of months, the Naive women rep travelled to India for medical check up, the spinal cord failure.

It is from India that she aborted my baby because she claimed it will paint a bad reputation to a leader.

Leaders have ability to give birth, and no one will deface the respect she accosts to you for being pregnant.

They need to abide by the biblical scripture which accords human beings the freedom to fill the earth.

Of course we can’t fill the earth by our mouths when we have special body parts meant to be tightly held together for a baby to be born.

The women rep should repent thoroughly



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