Sonko-They threatened to reveal my HIV status and made me sign the documents,am going to sue them


Flamboyant county boss Mike Sonko has spilled the bean over what transpired at the Statehouse on the day he signed documents that saw major Nairobi county functions being transferred to the National Government in a move that left the majority of Nairobians in deep shock.

In a Facebook post on his page, Governor Sonko had said that he is currently in his right senses when all his power has been grabbed in what he said that he was tricked into signing the documents unknowingly.

The governor had, however, promised to share more on what happened on that particular day that he made the worst mistake.

Apparently, the governor seems to have stuck to his promise with detailed revelations being spilled. According to the governor, he claims that he was hurriedly forced into signing the document minutes after they threatened to reveal his HIV status to the public.

Governor Sonk now claims that was not handed a copy of the hand over document immediately, which were later handed to him one month later with all the agreements in it having been already implemented.

He is now accusing President Uhuru’s advisors of having carried out a dubious activity that got him intoxicated with an unknown drink which later made him sign the documents without his full awareness.

The governor is now threatening to move to the court to challenge the move citing that he was not given enough time to read through what the document implied before it was fully signed.



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