The day Babu Owino’s wife accidentally dropped ARV’S Meant for Babu at Industrial Area Remand causing commotion


There was a commotion at the Industrial area when Embakasi East MP Babu Owino’s spouse Fridah Muthoni dropped ARVS’s when she was getting food out of her bag to give Babu Owino. The ARV’S were not even wrapped.

Babu’s lawyer Cliff Ombeta had earlier on pleaded the court to release his client on bail since he was missing his ARV medication which sometimes causes his migraine and violence.

Ombeta insisted in court if not, they allow his personal doctor or wife to be visiting him daily in the industrial area prison.

“Babu is not guilty, his action was because of him missing the medication that made him do what he did, but he did not intend to shoot the DJ at B club,” Cliff Ombeta claimed.

“Babu has not eaten anything since when he was taken to the industrial area since he thinks he might be poisoned. Please release my client on bail.” Cliff insisted.

It’s believed that Babu Owino who had not taken antiretroviral medication for four days may have a high viral count that can result in a real possibility that the HIV virus would be transmitted.



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