Dear Kenyans, to whom much is given much is required. We ceded our sovereign power as
enshrined under Article 1 of our Constitution overwhelmingly in the 2017 General Elections by
electing representatives from the Member of County Assembly all the way up to the President.
In this regards, much responsibility rests on the Jubilee government headed by President Uhuru
Kenyatta. Democratic institutions are held in trust and confidence. The hope we had in 2017 was
that as President Kenyatta completed his journey, Kenya would steer away from frequent
politicking to delivery of services to the people. That we would build on the foundation we set in
2013-2017 of infrastructural development and peace to streamline our social services systems such
access to quality education, affordable healthcare, food security, subsidized housing and job
However, three years down the line the prominent issues that have formed as the guiding policies
of President Kenyatta’s government are selective application of law and politics for balkanization.
Unlimited focus to political programs such as building bridges initiative (BBI) which serve but to
maintain the relevance of one individual at the expense of the lives of 47million Kenyans, is
betrayal of the trust and confidence majority of Kenyans had in 2017. President Kenyatta as you
clearly set out in December 2017, your legacy solely depends on the efforts to deliver on your
development blueprint of big four agenda not frequent politicking.
The recent changes in Jubilee party national executive committee, senate leadership and
unprocedural takeover of Nairobi County does not come any near to securing a effect,
they appear as initiatives to maintain the status quo post the set presidential term limits. The illegal changes in Jubilee party’s NEC is total infidelity to its founding principle of, building a party that
captures the national aspirations of peace and prosperity.
The takeover of Nairobi county and purported changes in senate leadership are not only
unprocedural but also blatant disregard to the constitutional ideals of devolution and separation of
powers among various arms of government. These dubious initiatives serve no greater good to
Kenyans but selfish political and business interests. The recent demolition of properties in
Kariobangi and desirous change of senate leadership exposes the insensitivity of President
Kenyatta when Kenyans are facing life threatening challenges such coronavirus and destructive
Our hope can only be restored by full application of rule of law and respect to democratically
elected leaders. Frustrating and intimidating elected leaders to settle imaginative political scores
amounts to disrespecting the will of Kenyans as declared in 2017.
We urge the president to follow and defend the constitution he swore to uphold and protect, pay
much attention to nation building activities such as vison 2030 and big four agenda not
retrogressive politics of backstabbing.



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