Jalango’s wife seeks divorce due to infidelity


Jalango’s wife did not hold back in a revealing new interview about his divorce from his husband of less than a  year.

The comedian and also a radio presenter’s wife is planning to finalize their divorce by this week. He told Habari Fresh he had to start over after what happened in their marriage.

“Getting divorce, you have to f–king start over,and I will start,” she said. “You get to reset. It’s not a breakdown, but something in your life broke down.”

“I asked myself, ‘Do I want to be angry for a year?’ It’s not a cool place to be. It’s not healthy,” she shared.

There’s an infamous saying that black men don’t cheat, well it seems most of them missed that class…

Jalango, a radio presenter at Milele FM once again found himself on the chopping board after a cheating scandal was leaked to the Public.

The famous public figure is said to be leading a “Boys Club” who share women and talk about their experiences with the women on a Whatsapp group chat.

The screenshots of the Whatsapp Group went viral after a famous blogger by the name of Edgar Obare shared them on his Instagram page.

In the Whatsapp group, the men share photos of women they have spent the night with and even go further to Rank themselves on who does better that the other.

A photo of Jalango’s Car at Ng’ong Hills PHOTO:Edgar Obare

Jalango is Married and so are the other “Boys Club” members and this is not the first, second nor third infidelity scandal that Jalas has been exposed of.

Netizens feel that Jalango keeps embracing his wife with all these cheating scandals lined up on his head. This are some of the remarks from Netizens:

Bolanle: If any were to learn a lesson, Jalas would by now. Turns out he’s mega trash . Lost all respect. I really pity the wife though. Imagine the amount of embarrassment she’s been subjected to

Krystal: Nobody is judging the girls. It’s the cheating men we are judging. So why marry if you’re going to disgrace your wife like this? Si ubaki tu single? Kwanza Jalas has really been embarrassing his so called wife I pity her.



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