Jalango’s wife warns Kenyan women to stop admiring her husband,says they are loose


Amina  Chao has now come to defend her husband Felix Odiwuor popularly known as Jalang’o. In a statement, Amina has urged Kenyan women to stop admiring her husband.

“Women in this country are generally loose. My husband and I are a power couple and we will not allow anyone to do us apart” Amina Chao quipped.

Amina has told off critics and promised to stick with her husband even in the worst situation.  She stated “Mtaambulia patupu nyinyi wadaku. Mimi na bwanangu hatutengani kamwe” loosely translated to “You will loose it in the end you backbiter. My husband and I are not parting ways anytime soon’

Jalango, a radio presenter at Milele FM once again found himself on the chopping board after a cheating scandal was leaked to the Public.

The famous public figure is said to be leading a “Boys Club” who share women and talk about their experiences with the women on a Whatsapp group chat.

The screenshots of the Whatsapp Group went viral after a famous blogger by the name of Edgar Obare shared them on his Instagram page.

In the Whatsapp group, the men share photos of women they have spent the night with and even go further to Rank themselves on who does better that the other.

Jalango is Married and so are the other “Boys Club” members and this is not the first, second nor third infidelity scandal that Jalas has been exposed of.

Netizens feel that Jalango keeps embracing his wife with all these cheating scandals lined up on his head. This are some of the remarks from Netizens:

Bolanle: If any were to learn a lesson, Jalas would by now. Turns out he’s mega trash . Lost all respect. I really pity the wife though. Imagine the amount of embarrassment she’s been subjected to

Krystal: Nobody is judging the girls. It’s the cheating men we are judging. So why marry if you’re going to disgrace your wife like this? Si ubaki tu single? Kwanza Jalas has really been embarrassing his so called wife I pity her.

Racheal Aguda: Jalang’o will never stop embarrassing his innocent wife, pesa inaweza Fanya wanawake wavumilie shida na aibu nyingi jameni.

Anne Perpetual: Mahne aibu . And to think this is the third time Jalas has been in the limelight cause of this cheating scandal, the wife must be a very strong woman.

Miss Stephy: Edgar sasa atafute bibi ya Jalas.. I just wanna know hiyo nguvu ya kuvumilia alitoa wapi becaaaause wtf is this

Martin Kietinyi: Even if you police someone who wants to cheat, they will still do it. I don’t support cheating but I’m sure she knows his ways. That’s what happens when you marry a celebrity.

If I had a celebrity wife, nobody would even have a photo of me. But it’s for her to decide.



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