“The day I found ARVs in Jalang’os car aliniambia ni Patco” Aketch narrates her woes


Maryanne Aketch says she got the shock of her life when she discovered that her secret lover who happens to be Jalang’o may have been secretly taking antiretroviral (ARVs) drugs.

She narrates how she stumbled on the ARV drugs in Jalango’s car and the radio presenter told her that she was confusing the tablets with Patco sweets.

“I found ARVS in Jalango’s car but when I confronted him he told me that it’s the patco sweets” an emotional Aketch said in a statement.

Aketch who has avoided many questions from the nagging press insists she is afraid of getting an HIV test after Jalang’o trended online for the wrong reasons again.

Jalang’o is said to have a tendency of sleeping around with different girls and even goes ahead to compare notes in a WhatsApp group.

Jalang’o has been ranked as the guy who has slept with many girls. It’s believed that the boys club have rented a number of apartments in Nairobi where they take their “Mpango wa Kandos” to have a good time, drink booze and dance the night away.



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