The University of Nairobi student leader Ms. Catherine Ndegwa has condemned the increased cases of gender based violence in Kenya. Addresing a crowded press conference today, Ms. Ndegwa who is the founder and chief executive officer of Voices Against Violence Organisation, gave a 14 day ultimatum to the Inspector General of police to have the culprits apprehended. The following was her statement;
“The recent occurrences of the killings and wanton loss of lives in unclear circumstances of women and girls is horrifying and a determinant of lack of respect to the constitutional provisions of respect to human life. Women and girls like many other citizens ought to be valued and not subjected to the grievous acts that endangers or take away their right to life as we have seen in the recent months.
We take note of the recent inhuman, barbaric and barbarous treatment of the lady from Tharaka Nithi County whose private parts were sprayed with pepper, salt and glue by her husband who later fled and left her in a critical condition.
Last year, Monica Kimani was murdered in her Kilimani apartment. Her killing added up to the numerous cases of killings of women and girls that have been witnessed across the counties. On September 4th 2019, Kenya woke up to the news that the body of Sharon Otieno, a Rongo University Student was found dumped in Kodera Forest, Homabay County. She was heavily pregnant at the time.On September 6th 2019, Maribel Kapolon a 9 year old daughter of the Githongo Court Senior Magistrate Caroline Kimei was abducted and subsequently murdered in unclear circumstances.
This demonstrates heightened cases of insecurity across the country. We consider this as intentional killings against women and girls. Voices against violence, has noted with great concern the repetitive nature into which this killings are conducted and despite the complaints being registered with the police immediately there seems to be laxity among the security organs is in dealing with such cases. As an organization that prides itself in the protection of the rights of women and girls and in the promotion of a society free of violence against women and girls, we say enough is enough.
WE THEREFORE demand the following:
1) THAT the Inspector General of Police , Director of Criminal Investigations, and the Office of the Director of Public Prosecution act with speed and ensure that the killings are pursued to conclusion within 14 days and the culprits apprehended.
2) THAT the Chief Justice David Maraga together with all relevant arms of the government of Kenya recognizes gender based violence as a cancer in our society and proceed to set up special courts to prosecute cases of gender based violence.
3) THAT the Judiciary as the custodians of justice continues to prioritize gender based violence cases and meet out strict sentences in accordance to the Sexual Offences Act and other statutes.
Finally, we ask all Kenyans to continue to hold sacred the rights provided by our Constitution and speak out against gender-based violence whenever it occurs in our society. We must all assume responsibility to end all forms of violence against women in Kenya. That we will come out to strongly condemn such acts whenever they arise.
We remain vigilant in the call for justice not only for the families affected but also to the departed souls. Such grievous killings meted on women and girls must not be accepted in our communities. As a country, we have a duty to preserve the life of every citizen regardless of his or her gender, race of social status. We extend our deepest condolences to the families affected. We will lend our support to ensure justice is done expeditiously.”



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